Jan 25, 2008

new movies, 1.25.08

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ESPN Ultimate Nascar High Octane Collection:
Chronicles the fuel-injected climb of America's number 1 spectator sport, featuring never-before-seen images, pulse-pounding behind-the-wheel stories, and the passion and perspective of the experts.

Bourne Ultimatum:
Jason Bourne finds himself up against a new generation of trained assassins and relentless CIA operatives who will stop at nothing to prevent him from finding out about his past. Bonus features include deleted scenes, featurettes, and more.

Read or Die (anime):
A sinister plot is afoot and only one schoolteacher - a special agent with an affinity for rare books, can stop it. She is Ms. Yomiko Readman, better known to her colleagues as Agent Paper. Be prepared for an adventure like no other.

Arrested Development, Seasons 1,2,3:
In this Emmy-winning comedy's hilarious third season, Michael Bluth finally realizes tht it's his Uncle Oscar serving time in prison, not his father. Reluctant to spring Oscar due to the effect it may have on the family business, Michael decides that the only fair thing to do is to find his father and place him under house arrest.

Stardust: A young man promises to find a fallen star for the woman he loves. Little does he know that fallen star is an actual person, and she is being hunted by people wanting her secret power. Bonus features include deleted scenes, blooper reel, and more.

Shoot 'Em Up: A mysterious loner teams up with an unlikely ally to protect a newborn baby from a determined criminal who hunts them throughout the bowels of the city.

Rescue Dawn: Based on the story of Lt. Dieter Dengler, an American fighter pilot who was shot down and captured during the Vietnam War, and how he found even more horrors in the jungle once he and a group of other prisoners escaped.

Meerkat Manor, Season 1: Meet the Whiskers, a remarkable family of meerkats living on the edge of Africa's Kalahari Desert. They share all the love, squabbling, self-sacrifice, and rivalry found in any family home. Narrated by Sean Astin.

Talk to me: The life of Ralph 'Petey' Greene, an ex-con who made a name for himself as a Washington, D.C. radio personality, talk-show host, and community activist during the '60s. Bonus features include deleted scenes, featurette, and more.

Dreamgirls: Singers Effie, Lorrell, and Deena are discovered at a local talent show and begin a journey that shows them exactly what it takes to be in the music business, and what they must give up to realize their dream.

check the catalog for more information about these movies >

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