Jan 25, 2008

New Comics + Manga, 1.25.08

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Nana, volumes 6, 7, & 8
Nana K. was happy to be Blast's biggest cheerleader, but now that the band is taking off, she's discovering that there are hordes of fans eager to take her place. At the same time, her involvement with Trapnest hottie Takumi is turning into a romantic entanglement she hadn't expected. When a chance for another kind of happiness presents itself, will Nana K. be strong enough to face the difficult choices that result?

The Sandwalk Adventures: An Adventure in Evolution Told in Five Chapters, Jay Hosler
Try to imagine a conversation between Charles Darwin of and a follicle mite named Mara living in his left eyebrow. Having trouble? Well, don't worry, because Jay Hosler has imagined it for you. Not surprisingly, there are a few strange aspects of this relationship, but perhaps none stranger than Mara's belief that Mr. Darwin is a diety! Can Mr.Darwin convince Mara that he didn't create life and all the species of the world? He sure hopes so. Fortunately, he has an elegant explantion for how species are formed. It's called Natural Selection and Mr. Darwin is somewhat of an expert on the topic. Join this unlikely duo as they go around and around Mr. Darwin's thinking path, the Sandwalk, looking for understanding and adventure.

Akira, Katsuhiro Otomo (volumes 2, 4, + 5)
This post-apocalyptic saga charts the coming of the creature known only as "Akira", a power both feared and prized for its potential to shake the recovering world. The Great Tokyo Empire rises, but with technology's most advanced weaponry to hand, the planet is not taking the threat lying down.

Naruto volumes 20 - 27!

52 (4 volumes)After the Infinite Crisis, the DC Universe spent a year without Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman — a year in which those heroes were needed more than ever as the fate of the world hung in the balance. This is 52, a four volume collection of the unprecedented, critically acclaimed weekly series of death, danger, romance, terror and the never-ending search for heroism in the DC Universe's most eventful year ever. The series features the best and brightest writers from the comic-book field: Geoff Johns (Infinite Crisis), Grant Morrison (All Star Superman), Greg Rucka (Wonder Woman) and Mark Waid (Kingdom Come), working together to tell the tale of a world awakening from a nightmare to face a new day. With their leaders gone, which heroes will stand tall? Who will fail at the most critical moment? Who will live — and who will die?

Palestine, Joe Sacco:
Based on years of research and extended visits to the West Bank and Gaza Strip in the early 1990s (Sacco conducted over 100 interviews with Palestinians and Jews), Palestine is the first major comics work of political nonfiction by Sacco, who has often been called the first comic book journalist and single-handedly pioneered the medium to universal acclaim. This new edition of Palestine also features a lengthy introduction by the outspoken political essayist and historian Edward Said (Peace and Its Discontents and The Question of Palestine), one of the world's most respected authorities on the Middle Eastern Conflict.

Scurvy Dogs: Rags to Riches, Andrew Boyd and Ryan Yount:
Pirates of the! The Scurvy Dogs search for jobs, love, and adventure - with disastrous results! This volume collects all five issues of the critically-acclaimed, independent humor, comic book sensation. But that's not all! It's chock-full of bonuses - including rare, behind-the-scenes materials, a character sketchbook, creator interviews, pin-up gallery, and an original commentary on all five issues written exlusively for this volume by creators Andrew Boyd and Ryan Yount. A must-have for the deranged; or for collectors of oddball comedy.

check the catalog for more info about these books >

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