Jan 28, 2008

FAQ: Overdrive + Library Card Numbers

Q: I have a library card, and I tried to use the Overdrive program, but it said that my card number was invalid. Is there a prefix I have to use?

A: There is no prefix, but the older card numbers will not work. If your library card number is only 7 digits long, please call the library (474-2044) so we can update your card number. All of the card numbers that are 14 digits long should work with no problem. Feel free to call or email [szpatterson @ sealib . org - without spaces] if you have any troubles.

Wondering what Overdrive is? Overdrive is an audiobook download service available to Seabrook Library cardholders. Patrons can log on to the website from home and download audiobooks directly to their computers. From there you can listen to the book on your computer, put the book on an mp3 player to go, and many titles can be burned to cd. Visit NH Overdrive for more information!

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