May 18, 2006

Sloppy Firsts

If you are above the age of 14, have ever been attracted to a guy, and love a sarcastic sense of humor, this is the perfect book for you. Even if you're not easily impressed, or claim to "hate" reading, this book will change things for you. It's told in first person from Jessica Darling's point of view. It's her journal, the only thing she can tell everything to now that her best friend, Hope, has moved to Tennessee (from NJ) because her brother ODed on heroin. All the rest of Jessica's "friends" are annoying and completely clueless. Jessica uses sarcasm to hide her sadness and reading about all the ridiculous and realistic characters that go to her high school really hit home. She eventually gets intertwined with Marcus Flutie, possibly the most vivid and best male character ever written. He's nothing if not unique and is the only one that calls Jessica on how fake she's being holding all of her hatred for the people at her school inside. One problem: he used to be best friends with Hope's brother. JEssica doesn't feel she can tell her about him because she thinks Hope will blame him for her brother's overdose. With dynamic characters and a neverending plotline, told from the most relatable, and humorous, point of view, this book is my all time favorite, and I read a lot.

May 11, 2006


This book was great. I was really into it. The story had a lot of twists and made me feel like, whats next..? It kept me in suspense. The whole time I really loved Tom the main character for his honesty. The story is about his depressed, suicidal sister whom he goes to visit, (meanwhile he has found out his wife is having an affair). He ends up falling for his sisters psychatrist, while he's there to fill in the blanks to why his sister became that way. Tom goes back in his childhood and recalls when a giant comes back to rape his mother and ends up raping him and his sister too with inmates. Tom remembers bits of his life, like when his grandfather walked with the cross, his father abused his family, his brother tries to stop his town from being abolished, and he beat up an abused girls father while he was a coach. This book must be read! I enjoyed this so much and I'd recommend it to anyone. It's my new favorite.

Eye of the Needle

This was one of the best books I think I have ever read. It was suspensful, mysterious, and raw. This book was written by Ken Follett, who is probably one of the greatest writers of all time, and this book is no exception to that greatness. The book is set in World War II, and it is aobut a German spy who is looking for secrets to defeat the French army. the spies name is Henry Faber, and he goes by the code name, "The Needle."

He ends up on an island where he falls in love with a woman, her name is Lucy. Her husband, David is the man that ends up trying to kill him, but he fails. I think that my favorite scene in the book is when Henry and David end up fighting. I like this scene because it shows how much David wanted to fight for his country. He was in th middle of flight school when he lost both of his legs in a car crash.

Eye of the Needle

This was a very exciting book! I liked it. Although it was a bit boring when it spoke of Godliman and his crew. I guess I only liked the story of Faber and Lucy, which was basically the whole book. I LOVED the ending! It was somehting I wouldn't have expected. It took me by suprise at first but now that I think of it, it was bound to happen. I don't think it was a book I could read again though. It was one of those that once you knew the ending the rest of the book becomes a kind of blur. I think it would not be as interesting to reread again. Unlike some other books I have read that you could read over and over and still be interested. I love the way the author made the book soo suspenseful. Starteing something new everytime something good was about to happen. It is a book you definitly do not want to skip.

Pirates by Celia Rees

"Pirates" was an awesome book and I was amazed when I found out that it was a true story! I chose the book because of its title and it didn't let me down. The main characters, Nancy and Minerva, talk their way onto a ship full of pirates and dress and act as men. With an insane brazilian man chasing the ship, numerous attacks and bombings, and the girls trying to keep their identities a secret, this story is really exciting and very well written.
I highly recommend this book to everyone. It's a thrilling story that I didn't want to put down and left me wanting more when I had finished. The characters were cool and the things that happened throughout the book just blew me away! I'm definitely going to look for more books by this author :)

Rule Of The Bone

Rule Of The Bones is a great book that shows how a normal boy name Chappie (Bone) can live on his own and meet new people that he would eventually look up to as parents. He meets a Rasta follower who acts as a guardian to him and after that Bone learns the value of life and friendship. This is a very good book to read.

The Big O

This book on one of the greatest basketball players of all time is probably the greatest bibliography I have ever read. I learned so much from it and it has changed me very much. Growing up in the racist south of the USA Oscar learned how to shot with a bundle of old dirty socks in his back yard. He himself changed basketball in so many ways that you cant even imagine. Of all the people who are greats in basketball you here about people like Wilt Chamberlain, Michael Jordan, and Lebron James. Not that these guys are bad or anything but you have to give credit to those people who formed basketball into what it is today. Without them you probably wouldn't be watching Shaq dunking in the low post or Kobe swishing threes. I mean look at Oscar's stats if you don't know who he is.
now that you know what I mean you can tell how good he was. Considering that he was the ONLY person to ever average a triple-double over a whole season is quite a feat. To find out more all that you need to do is read this book. It's among my favorites.