May 11, 2006

Eye of the Needle

This was one of the best books I think I have ever read. It was suspensful, mysterious, and raw. This book was written by Ken Follett, who is probably one of the greatest writers of all time, and this book is no exception to that greatness. The book is set in World War II, and it is aobut a German spy who is looking for secrets to defeat the French army. the spies name is Henry Faber, and he goes by the code name, "The Needle."

He ends up on an island where he falls in love with a woman, her name is Lucy. Her husband, David is the man that ends up trying to kill him, but he fails. I think that my favorite scene in the book is when Henry and David end up fighting. I like this scene because it shows how much David wanted to fight for his country. He was in th middle of flight school when he lost both of his legs in a car crash.

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