May 11, 2006

Eye of the Needle

This was a very exciting book! I liked it. Although it was a bit boring when it spoke of Godliman and his crew. I guess I only liked the story of Faber and Lucy, which was basically the whole book. I LOVED the ending! It was somehting I wouldn't have expected. It took me by suprise at first but now that I think of it, it was bound to happen. I don't think it was a book I could read again though. It was one of those that once you knew the ending the rest of the book becomes a kind of blur. I think it would not be as interesting to reread again. Unlike some other books I have read that you could read over and over and still be interested. I love the way the author made the book soo suspenseful. Starteing something new everytime something good was about to happen. It is a book you definitly do not want to skip.

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