Jul 8, 2008

New Kids Books

Here are ten new fictional stories that celebrate all aspects of the game of baseball. And what a starting lineup! From John H. Ritter, author of The Boy Who Saved Baseball, to Newbery Award &winning Jerry Spinelli, this is a gathering of ten great authors for children, some of whom are specifically known for their writing about baseball. Featuring a story told in poems and another in a play format, Baseball Crazy is a truly diverse collection that will appeal to fanatics of the sport as well as those sitting hesitantly out on the bench. Batter up!

From their first meeting in a hollow log to playing pin-the-tail-on-the-turtle, Cork the muskrat and Fuzz the possum are always up to something unusual. The gentle humor and simple story are just right for beginning readers.

Communication explores the technologies that we use to share information and "talk" to one another, from the alphabet to television and the Internet. Learn about significant moments in communication history, such as the invention of the telephone and the origins of the World Wide Web. Discover how photography saves lives, how radio waves are used in space travel, and how communication is used during times of war.

An illustrated story of a trip to Mongolia. The authors lived in a tent, drink horse milk, and herd horses while watching young boy and girl jockeys train. They have a front row view of the traditional Naadam summer festival horse race where the young jockeys and their horses compete.

Piggie can't wait to show Gerald her brand new toy. But will an accidentally broken toy accidentally break a friendship?

"Me hungry!" the boy pleads. "Me busy," say his preoccupied mom and dad. So the boy decides to go hunting, setting his sights on an elusive rabbit, a prickly porcupine, a too-mean tiger, and finally runs into a like-minded mammoth who’s more than happy to help.

Emma cannot sleep a wink! She tries drinking warm milk and even reading lots of books, but Emma still cannot sleep. So she decides to count sheep to help fall asleep. All goes well until Emma reaches 108. Then, the 108thsheep doesn't appear. Emma, along with 109, 110 and all the following sheep must try to find a way to help 108 or none of them will get to sleep. Luckily Emma has a plan...

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Anonymous said...

Great set of books! I’ve recently discovered Bayard’s Books which seem to have the right mix of education and fun : StoryBoxBooks, AdventureBoxBooks, DiscoveryBoxBooks Also, I see they have a guest illustrator for one of their stories in the September edition of Storybox - award winning illustrator Helen Oxenbury, who also provided illustrations for Alice in Wonderland.