Jul 3, 2008

New Hampshire Audubon Turtle Presentation

On Wednesday, July 9th at 2 pm, the New Hampshire Audubon will be here! They will talk about the turtles and lizards that live in New Hampshire. They will also bring a live animal or two that you can meet!

Learn more about the New Hampshire Audubon, what they do, how you can help, and all the other cool programs they offer!

This event is actually full with a sizable waiting here's what will happen: Those who have signed up will go in. If there is still space, those on the waiting list will go in. Please come in even if you're not on either list--there might still be room, and if not, I will have a turtle craft for those who cannot go in.

Did you know that six of the seven species of marine turtles occur in Australia?

Two of those species are Endangered and the other four are Vulnerable--we need to take care of our turtles!

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