Jul 2, 2008

Family Resource Connection

Family Resource Connection, a service of the New Hampshire State Library, has just sent us a new listing of their materials! They have thousands of resources on family topics like parenting, children's health, education, child care, adoption, pregnancy and many others--including materials in Spanish. There are books, videos, even curriculum kits and Reading Together kits! We have a listing of quite a few of their topics and you can find a complete list online.

As a resident of New Hampshire, you can borrow from them for free! Not only that, but they will send materials either through the library or directly to your house with return postage provided.

How to make a request: You may call the Family Resource Connection's toll free number 1-800-298-4321. If you reach voicemail, leave your name, full address and telephone number along with your request. You may also make your request via email at or by using FRC online request form.

Please visit their website or come over the children's area and browse the big binder on the Parent/Educator's Shelf.

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