Nov 3, 2004

Sammy & Juliana in Hollywood, Benjamin Alire Saenz

Just finished the book of the above title (available in WHS library). Set in a really really small town in New Mexico, back in the late 60s, very Hispanic. I was worried it was going to be dated, but it wasn't at all. The mix of English and Spanish was ok most of the time (I'm not really up on my Spanish slang), occassionally I got a bit lost but I just let it roll. For a while I wasn't really into this book - sooo depressing - but toward the end I ate it up. I really appreciated the characters, the complexities, how certain situations didn't resolve themselves - just like real life. For example, when Sammy and his friend stop the gay guys from getting killed, but then the friend isn't sure he did the right thing. How crazy, in my view, but how reflective of how inflexible and complicated things can be.

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