Nov 23, 2004

The Perfect Family by: Jerrie Oughton

Jerrie Oughton did a wonderful job writting a novel on a young girl who gets preganat. Welcome had fell in love with a wonderful man and had the best summer ever until school started up.Her love went to college and she had still been in high school but still talked to him as much as she could
and saw him on that note as well. Her loves name was Nicholas Canton and he was everything a girl could ever want in a guy until he tried to seduce her. Of course Welcome had enough will power to over come him. In october Welcome went to a college football game( the same team Nicholas plays for) with a high school friend of hers Randy. When the football game was over Randy took Welcome to the top of a hill and was able to do what Nicholas had tried to do and the only reason that is, is becasue Welcome let her feelings for Nicholas come over her.
Welcome had realized weeks later that she was preganat with Randy child but couldn't tell him, not after she used him in a way. Her being preganat opened a new chapter to her life she just wasnt ready for. She moved with her Aunt Lacey where she went through every stage of her life from there on out. Once the baby was born she had to come up with what she wanted to do. At first she kept the child but she realized what she had to do.


VonnegutLover said...

I have not read the book yet, but several students who have read it, commented that the ending was abrupt. They were wanting the sequel to find out what really happened to her. There is not a sequel yet.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there ever will be a sequel. When Welcome sends the card to her son inviting him to come to her college graduation, she signs it your best buddy - her son has grown up as her aunt and uncle's kid, and Welcome is a very good family friend. I don't think they'd disprupt that for a while. It's funny, because another book I read really recently, Fat Boy Swim, is about the other side of this kind of situation. In Fat Boy Swim, the book is from the kid's perspective, and later on he finds out that his "mom's" much younger, really cool sister is actually his mom, and who he thought of as his mom was his grandma. So if you are interested in what that could be like, you could read that book.