Nov 29, 2004

The curious incident of the dog in the night-time

Christopher is an autistic teenager who is mathematically gifted. His family is a mess, partly because raising a challenging child put strains on a marriage. When the dog across the street is murdered, Christopher tries to figure out the murderer, even though his father does not approve. Christopher's reasoning and mathematical skills sometimes complicate his search and sometimes prove successful.

When Christopher's father lies to him, Christopher feels he has to find a new place to live. How can he trust again? Who can he trust?

From reading this book, I learned about the difficulties of being autistic from Christopher's perspective and from his partents' perspective. From another series of books about Joey Pigza by Jack Gantos, I learned about the feelings of a person with hyperactive syndrome. From both books I learned that loving fathers can do wrong things for their children.

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Anonymous said...

It's so amazing how black and white Christopher's trust is (I'm not at all sure if this is true with all autistic people). He trusts the policemen because he has been taught to, until he realizes they want to bring him back to his father, whom he has stopped trusting. He trusts his mother, even though she was the one to leave, because that is not how he knows the story. He understands that his dad lied about it, not that she left him. It is just interesting to me how he can go from being really close to his dad to not even being able to be in the same room or talk at all, because of his dad killing the dog.