Nov 17, 2004

Angels and Demons

I recently read Angels and Demons by: Dan Brown and I loved it. I couldn't put the book down, every page left me wanting more. Robert Langdon's crazy trip around Italy was amazing. Dan Brown did an amazing job adding unexpected twists throughout the story. This story is about Robert Langdon and Vittoria Vetra, the pope has past away and the four cardinals who are most likely to be elected pope have been kidnapped and their lives are in danger. Vittoria and her recently deceased father created a substance called "anti-matter" which is highly explosive when it touches anything made of matter (which means everything including air) it has been stolen from their lab and will annihilate at midnight exactly. Langdon and Vittoria travel on an ancient trail across Rome to the secret Church of Illuminati, who are the suspected kidnappers. Will Langdon and Vittoria find the cardinals in time? Who's behind the kidnappings? Will everyone get out of Rome tonight alive?


Anonymous said...

Is this book a sequel to The Davinci Code? I know that's what people tell me, but does it have the same characters and things like that? Do you need to read The Davincie Code before you read this book?

Anonymous said...

Actually, it's the prequel to the davinci code - but I think both books stand on their own. In other words, you could read either of them first and not be confused, there is no knowledge from this book needed to understand the davinci code.

Informal poll: if you've read both, which did you like better, which did you read first?

I read DaVinci Code first and liked it better.

Anonymous said...

I'll probably read one of those books pretty soon!

Anonymous said...

oh my god that was the worst book Ive ever read it was a waste of time I LOVE YOU