Jul 6, 2015

Bookmobile Thursday Route (Runs July 9-August 13)

The Bookmobile rolls this week!  Both routes, Tuesday and Thursday, start at 12:00pm--arrival at any point after that will depend on response/demand. Each stop will be as close to the designated intersection as safety allows. Watch for the tan car labeled "BOOKMOBILE". Please have your library card ready to go!

Thursday route:
1) Collins St. Apartment complex just east of Pickens Ave.
2) Corner of Fowler's Court
3) Lower Collins just east of Viola Circle
4) 284/South Main Street
5) South Main/Worthley Rd.
6) South Main/Washington St.
*if necessary, a trip back to the library to restock*
7) Folly Mill Road/Boyd Way
8) Lakeshore Drive/Forest Drive

Note: The goal of the Bookmobile is to reach CHILDREN (I will not have teen or adult books on hand) who cannot otherwise access the library.  If you can make it to the library, please do so--there is so much more available there than the Bookmobile can carry!

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