Jul 9, 2015

Bookmobile Route for Thursday--revised

Thursday route needs some tweaks for safe parking without blocking the road!  Still starting at 12:00pm and running approximately 10 minutes between stops.

 Here's the adjusted stops:
1) Christopher Manor apartments--I'll drive slowly to the back, then up through to be as close to the road as I can without being a problem.
2)  BergeronWay/Lower Collins (Fowler's Court is just too narrow!)
3) The west entrance of Viola Circle
4) 284/South Main (the abandoned parking lot)
5) The Rand Church by Stan's Way
6) Veteran's Memorial Park--the parking strip by the ball field.
7) Trinity United Parish--Folly Mill is just too narrow all the way through, but that's still reasonable walking distance
8) Lakeshore Drive--again, no good place to stop and sit, but I'll just drive through that whole neighborhood really slowly.

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