Jul 31, 2015

August 3-7 for Kids at the Library

The end is very very near, so there are a couple important announcements. 

The Stuffed Animal Sleepover is now ages 0-Kindergarten (please speak to me if you need an exception).  Deadline for turning in reading logs for prizes is Thursday at 6pm.

WE NEED MORE TALENTED PEOPLE!  If you can: write books (show them off!), sing, yodel, juggle, do magic, dance, do gymnastics, tell jokes, play the kazoo, etc.....WE WANT YOU!  

Monday at 12:00--Sandwiches & Stories.  Bring your lunch for a picnic story time, followed by a craft/activity.  All ages, drop in.

Tuesday at 12:00--Bookmobile. North Route.
           4:00--Stuffed Animal Sleepover (ages 0-Kindergarten).  Bring your second-favorite animal/doll to the library for a story, then leave them overnight.  Pick them up with a book of their stories at noon on Wednesday.

Wednesday at 6:00--Superhero Academy.  The finale is a sweet surprise :)

Thursday at 12:00--Bookmobile.  South Route. 
            6:00pm--DEADLINE for reading logs!

Friday at 3:30--FINAL PARTY/TALENT SHOW!  If you want to perform, please contact me--otherwise, just come on in!  Sweet treats for everyone and prizes for our summer readers :)

Have a great weekend!

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