Oct 3, 2008

This Week for Kids! (Oct. 6-10)

Ok, everyone, hold onto your hats. There's a lot going on this week! Are you ready? You sure? Ok, here goes:

Monday all day long: Story Time Registration starts! Call 474-2044 or come in to sign up for the next session of storytimes--from October 20th through the week of Thanksgiving.

Wednesday at 3pm: It's the Great Pumpkin Party! This is a family event--please bring anyone and everyone for a fall celebration. We're going to make a pumpkin craft to start with--this means that if you have to be late because of school you shouldn't worry; come in and catch up! Then Applecrest Farm has donated some wonderful fresh-pressed apple cider (I'll pick it up that day!) for us to enjoy while we watch "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown". Come check out our fall and Halloween books to take home afterwards...

Thursday at 10: Ok, this one is actually more for the parents. Citizen's Bank is going to be presenting "Basics of Banking". They will explain how to balance a checkbook, the ins and outs of debit cards and online banking, and much more. Coffee and tea will be provided.

Friday at 11: FIRE! Actually, we're going to learn how NOT to have a fire. A real live firefighter will come over to give a Fire Safety Presentation to everyone about how to prevent home fires. Since this is also the end of Fire Prevention Week, there is a big display of firefighting books for you to check out as well.

Phew. Did you read all that? So now you just have to remember and come join us!

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