Dec 10, 2007

The Road of the Dead, Kevin Brooks

First I have to say - - -- - finally!!! Finally there is a book that is like I am the Messenger, by Markus Zusak. When I say like, I don't mean that the plots are exactly the same, or the way things go down is the same, but the overall style and . . . well, those intangibles that make a book enough like another in theme, etc., without it being a copycat kinda thing. I can, without reservation, say that if you liked I am the Messenger, The Road of the Dead will be good to you.

Ruben's sister Rachel is killed, and Ruben . . feels it. Like he feels his brother's emotions, although Cole tries to keep himself distant. Cole goes off in search of Rachel's killer only because their mother wants to bring her body home and bury her. But of course, no one is talking but everyone knows more than they want to say. Add in the fact that Ruben and Cole are half-gypsy, the villages and rural places of England, and some other . . . shall we say, interesting characters and you've got a book that is really and truly good.

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