Dec 5, 2007

Bird, Angela Johnson

Angela Johnson is rapidly becoming one of those authors where I read everything they write. I wait for their new books, and scarf them up looking for more. But she's a very different kind of author than I usually find myself compelled to read - her stuff is much quieter, much more emotionally based (that is not to say overly emotional, just that the feelings of the characters is the driving force of the story).

Bird runs away from home to seek out her stepfather, who has in turn run away from home. His relationship with her mom wasn't really great, but he was the dad she had as Bird's own father died when she was two.

Somehow (not really explained but not a big deal, either) Bird is able to find her stepfather in Alabama, and hides out in the shed of the family's back yard, sneaking into the house to eat and clean up when they aren't around.

But we begin to learn about the connections between Bird, her stepfather's extended family, and their connections to other people in the town - I don't want to give too much away, but I do want to share that this is a really rich book, for its being so short.

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