Feb 15, 2006

Under the Wolf, Under the Dog, Adam Rapp

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I'm really glad I picked this book up and read it, because to be honest the title and the cover don't do it for me - another example of not judging a book by its cover (but really, there are so many books out there to read, so you have to make a quick decision some way or another, right?).

So this kid Steve is in a rehab facility, but we don't know exactly why to start - the book is basically his rehab journal, alternating between the events that took place to lead him there and the present events - what's going on at the clinic.

Overall, well written and interesting. The story could have been stereotypical druggie kid and stuff, but its not - a lot happens with his family - a really long, painful death quickly followed by a suicide - and how he reacts to this and how his family deals with it are all very non-stereotypical. I think people who liked Speak and The Lovely Bones will like this book.

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