Feb 3, 2006

Funny Little Monkey, Andrew Auseon

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This is also a really excellent book (it's funny how sometimes I get a string of only ok ones, and then sometimes I get a run of really good ones). Arty is umm. . stunted I guess is the word. (He has to take growth hormone shots and is really small.) He is also a twin, but his twin is huge! His twin is kinda mean to him and locks him in a closet . . . ok, I am doing a really bad job of talking about this book. There are a lot of intertwining plot lines - like a school secret society to help people who are on the wrong end of the stick - and a new girl in school who is wicked rich and gorgeous and used to controlling things and decides Arty can be her boyfriend.

But basically, the reason I like this book is that it is interesting in its complication, and the characters have some good depth. There's a couple of smaller plot lines and fore-shadowing that flake out, but overall very good.

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Anonymous said...

You rule! Thanks for the fab review. I love New Hampshire!