Jan 31, 2006

So Hard To Say, Alex Sanchez

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Same author as the Rainboy Boys, Rainbow High, Rainbow Road series. This one is about an entirely different set of characters, and is, in general, more for like 8th graders rather than high schoolers. So the overall tone and style and subject matter is a bit younger. But that's all ok, because the main story/subject line is pretty relevant to anyone interested in GBLTQ issues, whatever their age. There's sort of two big questions here: 1. how do you know? and 2. what to do if your straight friend is crushing on you big time?

I found how the author dealt with question 1. really interesting, it's not something I've seen too much of in books. It seems most of the characters who come out as gay or whatever just seem to know or have always known, but there are definitely people who only discover their own orientation when they get to be a teenager. So that is something unique to this book v. a lot of the other books generally on the same topic line.

It's a good book, short, sweet, quick. Deals with something that can be heavy but puts it all in a better light and seyz, it doesn't have to be so heavy.

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