Jan 24, 2006

The Garden, by Elsie V. Aidinoff

thegarden Find this book in the Hawley Library.

I read this book awhile ago, and combined with a bit of forgetfulness is the fact that I really need to return this very overdue book - but I wanted to mention it here and recommend it, I think especially for girls/women.

This is the story of Eve, from THE garden , told from her and the serpent's perspective. In this book, God is very typical old-testament God, very jealous and angry and, well, petty. The serpent takes on a whole new depth of character outside the Bible. He is the source of wisdom - which is neither good nor bad but does *include* bad, because wisdom includes all knowledge. In this version of the story, God is raising Adam and teaching him about the world, and The Serpent is raising Eve. Eve is very curious, and The Serpent answers all her questions. She wants to know what the world is like outside of the garden, so they go on trips.

There are a lot of surprises and intense thinking/relationship scenes. This book in no way is meant to be taken literally, or interpreted as part of the Bible or anything, it's just a story, with those characters and in that time, that gives a different perspective, one that is much more in depth.


Fayth said...

I am extreamly offendend by this book and unsure how a woman who on paper seems so educated could write something so horrific and untrue. Why would anyone want to think that our creator was someone so mean and evil. We have a future to worry about and readings like this are why the teens of the world today are so confused about religon. There is only one creator he is our Lord and Father he is not a man of evil and would never demand Adam to rape Eve. The devil did not raise Eve. If you are looking for answer about the bible this book is no place to turn.

Anonymous said...

i am a christian teen and i read this book thinking it would be an interesting rendition of the story of Adam and Eve and creation. and while it WAS for the most part an interesting novel, it is far from biblical, which is a bit disturbing. God is portrayed as being cross and inconsiderate of humans. that was probably the thing i found most objectionable-the fact that in this story God is pretty much made out to be "the bad guy" who doesn't care what happens to Adam and Eve, whereas the Serpent (whom most of us allude to being Satan) is wise, loving, and kind. even at the end, when adam and eve eat the forbidden fruit, the Serpent is STILL the good guy, and Adam and Eve don't feel the least bit guilty or regretful about what they've done, but are instead glad to have their "freedom" without a God around to use them for "amusement" and "distraction." in the author's note Elsie claims that the serpent is the hero of the story since he gave Adam and Eve "capacity to reason". It's almost sad how backwards this book is! i know it is just a story and was never meant to be taken as the truth, but fayth is right, a book like this WILL confuse people, or at least raise some questions. it's a shame that this book, which has a title with so much to offer, turned out to be such a disappointment.

Anonymous said...

i believe in god
i beleive in the NEW testament
and seeing as how the god in this book is based on the OLD TESTAMENT god, which if youve ever read the old testament you would know is pretty much how the book described, this book should offend no one but the midevil twits who FIRST described god as such
in the case of teenagers reading this and being confused; the author states that this is a work of fiction and should never be considered a version of the bible.
if you cant see that then you probably shouldnt be reading this anyway. you guys need to stop being so closed minded and actually THINK for a change, then youd see that you have nothing to be upset over.
i loved this book.

Anonymous said...

I really liked this book and I thought it could be possibly true that such things actually happened.I think most teenagers reading this book would not be looking looking for an answer to the Bible so it does'nt matter if it is untrue (as fayth put it).This is Aidinoff's first book and I don't think people should be so critical about it.It was a wonderful book and she described the Garden sooo well it was very realistic

Anonymous said...

When I first read the book, I was surprised and appalled that God was portrayed as such a careless and ignorant character, but I read on and found myself drawn into the story. It is a work of fiction after all,like many have said, and presents different views to look at rather than the usual bad vs. good.
Though personally, I'd never look at God the way he was in the book, it was still an interesting read.

Shelly said...

I agree whole-heartedly with what Anonymous #1 said. I found this book in the religious section (and it should NOT have been there, for as most have pointed out- this book is pure fiction), and I expected it to be what it had deceived me into believing- that it was the Biblical story of Adam and Eve. It was not. I was very offended by what the author had done, especially when finding out that the whole reason that she wrote this book was because she was mad that Adam had copped out and said that Eve made him eat the fruit. Aidinoff is a very ignorant person (not stupid; ignorant; there is a huge difference). I also don't think that a non-religious person should take a religious story, and write things that are obviously not biblical, and then get it published to mislead others (as fayth said, because that is what WILL happen).

*God is a caring God, and there is no difference between the "Old Testament God" and the "New Testament God" if one REALLY knows who God is. God cared about Adam and Eve (and cares about everyone else) and would never force either of them to do anything against their will; He gave us freedom of choice.

*God does, indeed, know everything, including our thoughts. HE wouldn't be surprised at anything.

*"The Serpent" was the Devil, and he did not raise Eve. Period.

*"The Serpent" had legs, until God had cursed him.

*One should not limit God. This author took God, and made him into a person. God was not a man! How absurd!

*All plants and animals would willingly obey the hand of God, and be willing to serve Him!

*God has no NEED to prove Himself.

*Oh, and having "The Serpent" sleep with Eve was sick and wrong!!! Not to mention unbiblical.

This story, I suppose, is fine on a purely fictional basis, but it should not be found in the religious section! Oh, and this author will have it coming if her book does, indeed, lead children away from God. Look it up.

Anonymous #2, these people are not closed-minded. They are entitled to their opinions, and beliefs, as are you. You shouldn't be so rude to them just because they're a Christian, and you are not. They very well could have had the same problem I had (finding the book in the religious section of a store, and reading the back, and getting tied in to the story that one will be delving into). Reading a book on those terms will, of course, upset a person! This story shouldn't be found in the religious section, and it is appalling how bitter this woman is!

Anonymous #3, it doesn't matter how many books a person had written prior to this one. I will be just as critical, because this book is very misguiding.

Samantha said...

Has anyone stopped to remember that the bible was written by a bunch of old men? It was because of the explosion of Christianity during the Middle Ages that VILLANIZED women. Women have had to fight for their rights, to be considered Equal, because of our religion. Because it has been truly stated through out Christianity that women are less than man.Even during the days of Adam and Eve.

I thought this story was very refreshing, in showing how something that we weren't around to experience can be warped to describe something other than the truth. I loved this book, and the author is very courageous to write a book like this.