Jan 31, 2006

My Brother's Keeper, Patricia McCormick

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I haven't read Cut, which is another book by this same author, 'cuz its so stinkin' popular it's never available in the library! (yeah, yeah, I could put a hold on it, I just always forget.)

Toby is Jake's younger brother, they both live with their mom who's single and dating. Toby sees himself as the one who has to protect everyone from each other and from themselves, but what he doesn't realize is that sometimes this isn't the best idea. Like his mom is so busy dating and everything, she doesn't really notice that Jake is becoming a total stoner. And Toby decided she can't handle it even if she did know, so he covers for Jake, tells his mom stories, cleans up after his stoner friends and everything. So Jakes problem gets worse and worse, but nobody's around to try to put an end to it.

It's a really interesting story, because the author allows the characters to be really complex and have many levels of dealing with things, but it isn't a long story, so she does a good job of getting that all in there really efficiently. Not only do the characters have levels of dealing with things, but they also have pretty human and realistic motivations. Like Toby thinks he's protecting his mom and keeping his family together, but by the end we find out he's also doing it for himself, so he can feel in control of the situation.

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