Aug 12, 2011

Thank you!

On behalf of the Seabrook Library, I would like to thank those who made our summer reading program a success. Since I am the sole children’s librarian, it is only the generosity of all of these people and companies that has made a reality out of what I planned.

Some made formal donations and provided programs, others simply jumped in to help wherever they could. Many companies made donations: Wal-Mart, Shaw’s and Bob’s Discount Furniture have assisted us financially for several years now. Topsfield Fair provided prizes this year and last year. New donors, Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey, Southwick’s Zoo, Franklin Zoo and Great American Country Store provided prizes as well. That’s Very Fun provided beautiful cakes for our parties. Seabrook Station increased their regular generous donation to sponsor the entertainment for our final party.

The individuals who graciously agreed to my requests for programs were Marie Fe Simmons, Rajae Taib and Yi Ning Frost. Kim Kelly helped with all three and at other times as well. Laura Litcofsky has volunteered continually behind the scenes. So many other people have leaped in on request or simply because they saw a need: Nicolas Batista, Brandie Gaffney, Sally Johnson, Brandon LePere, Ana Manfredonia, Gina McGinness, Sheryl Peabody, Mikki Phillips, Jennifer Price, Debbie Simonelli, Jackie Snow, and I know there were more who I didn't see or who my faulty brain is not bringing up.

Thank you all; I appreciate your help more than I can say.
Lisa Michaud, Children’s Librarian

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