Aug 5, 2011

The LAST Week for Kids--End of "One World, Many Stories"

Monday at 3:30--Movie Time! Come enjoy a short Russian movie (no, it's not in Russian or subtitled) with free popcorn.

Tuesday at 4:00--Stuffed Animal Sleepover! Bring your second-favorite stuffed animal to the library (please do NOT bring the one animal you can't go to sleep without!). We'll read a story or two, then you'll make a nametag for your stuffed friend and wave goodbye. The animals will sleep in the library (and play and read and...) and you will be able to pick them up on Wednesday at the Final Party along with a book of their adventures.

Wednesday at 3:30--Final Party with Toe Jam Puppet Band! This is it: the end of "One World, Many Stories"! Please bring your reading logs in the day before so that I can have prizes ready for the party. Feel free to bring non-participants--there will be treats and fun for everyone. Toe Jam Puppet Band is a really funny, really active, really crazy set of "Big Kids" who will throw things, shout things, play with puppets, sing, and much more!

Friday at 11:00--If the weather is nice, we'll do a Story Walk over at the Rec Center. Come take a nice slow walk and hear a story too :)

If anyone is able to help with the Final Party, I will need treat and juice servers, free book hander-outers, and certificate hander-outers. This is the fun stuff :) If you'd like to help, email or call or visit me.

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