Jul 29, 2010

Aug. 2-6 for Kids!

We created and raced balloon boats this past week! The winning boat body was the egg carton tops--for some reason the bottles were total duds.

We have some BIG excitement this coming week...

Monday at 4pm: This week's feature is Shark Tale. When a shark accidentally clobbers himself, a small fish named Oscar just happens to be around, prompting everyone to believe that he killed the shark himself. This lie soon makes Oscar a celebrity, worshipped by the general mass of fish, wooed by a glittering golddigger, missed by his best friend--and hunted by the godfather of great whites. Can a vegetarian shark named Lenny get Oscar out of this mess?

Tuesday at 10am: Families First Parent Recharge. Kick back, get involved in relaxing activities, and recharge your parenting battery. Child care is free for ages 12 and under--advance signup required--and refreshments included. Call 422-8208 x2
3pm: Olympian Scotty Lago! Scotty will be here to tell stories about snowboarding, training and the Olympics. He'll have some gear with him to show you and he'll answer your questions. Afterwards, he'll sign autographs. We are expecting a large crowd for this program, so please be a few minutes early.

Wednesday at 6pm: Pajama Story Time. Wear your jammies, bring a stuffed friend and relax with us. We'll start with a craft, then wind down with stories and songs.

Thursday at11am: Jenn's Stories. This is her last week, so don't miss a crocodile puppet show and craft!
3:30pm: Frozen T-Shirt Contest! Each team will be given a frozen t-shirt. The first team to thaw it enough to put it on wins! There will be prizes.

Don't forget to keep bringing in your reading logs--Topsfield Fair and Water Country are waiting for you!

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