Jun 9, 2010

Legos, Story Time and June in General

I have been telling some people that Lego Builders were meeting this coming Tuesday. I lied. It's this coming Wednesday, June 16th at 3:30. I'm very sorry for the confusion. This month's theme is "Summer"--make a beach, make a boat, make a kite... You'll have 50 minutes to build and 10 minutes to brag and get your picture taken.

This is the last week of story times. Please take home your nametags and anything that has been left to dry! Friday morning, Marci will be filling in for me as I have an unexpected meeting.

June is a quiet month--there will be no other events for children until July 1st, when the Summer Reading Program "Make a Splash--Read!" bursts onto the scene with a kickoff party featuring the NHSPCA and a furry friend. I look forward to seeing you then :)

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