Nov 24, 2009


First: I am still working on the video from the Ladybug Party when Kristyn Crow visited us via Skype. Editing, saving, sending, putting on the blog--all of these things are taking far more time than I expected, but as soon as it's available somewhere, I will let you know!

Second: The Children's Room now has a Facebook page! Check it out, become a fan, watch for events, send pictures, talk to other parents...

Third: There are regular story times tomorrow (Wednesday, Nov. 25th) and Friday (Nov. 27th). Then we're done until January.

Fourth: Christmas story times are starting on Tuesday, Dec. 1st! We'll have cheery stories and a small craft. This is an all ages story time.

Fifth: Family Christmas movie nights are starting Wednesday, Dec. 2nd. Starbucks is again providing our hot chocolate (three cheers!). Join us in your jammies with a favorite stuffed animal or pillow :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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