Jun 27, 2008

new reference books, 5.20.08

Comparative Guide to American Hospitals 2007
Comparison of 4383 East Coast hospitals with key personnel and 27 quality measures in treating heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia, pregnancy, and surgical infection prevention.

The Encyclopedia of Tidepools & Rocky Shores, Mark Denny
Tidepools and rocky shores are among the most physically stressful environments on earth. When the tide is high, waves can sweep over plants and animals at velocities as high as 60 miles per hour, while at low tide, the same organisms dry up and bake in the sun. Yet despite this seeming inhospitality, tidepools and rocky shores are exceptionally complex and biologically diverse. This comprehensive encyclopedia is an authoritative, one-stop reference for everyone interested in the biology and ecology of this fascinating and uniquely accessible environment. Conveniently arranged alphabetically, nearly 200 wide-ranging entries written in clear language by scientists from around the world provide a state-of-the-art picture of tidepools and rocky shore science. From Abalones, Barnacles, and Climate Change through Seagrasses, Tides, and Wind, the articles discuss the animals and plants that live in tidepools, the physics and chemistry of the rocky shore environment, the ecological principles that govern tidepools, and many other interdisciplinary topics.
Peterson's College Money Handbook, 2008
Public funds abound in this comprehensive directory of more than $50 billion in financial aid opportunities available from more than 2,100 four-year colleges, including federal grants, work-study programs, need-based grants, academic scholarships, and more.
Peterson's Scholarships, Grants & Prizes 2008
Peterson's Four-year colleges 2008
Peterson's two-year colleges 2008

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