Mar 28, 2008

new reference books, 3.28.08

Chilton Ford Service Manual
Chilton 2008 Ford Service Manuals expertly provide the most currently available information to assist you in your daily activities. These new, reliable and comprehensive manuals provide essential information, allowing you to accurately and efficiently diagnose and repair. Step-by-step procedures and helpful illustrations provide easy references for your jobs. These new service manuals cover 2006 and 2007 domestic models, plus any available 2008 domestic models.

New Hampshire Street & Road Atlas

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Black's Law Dictionary
Features more than ten thousand legal terms and includes a dictionary guide and the complete United States Constitution.

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Consumer Drug Reference
With thousands of prescription drugs available today, protecting yourself and your family from medication errors should be a main priority. Am I taking the right dosage? Does it conflict with another medication? If these are questions you or someone you know has asked, the Consumer Drug Reference 2008 is your answer. This comprehensive reference will educate you on prescription and over-the-counter drugs and help empower you to take an assertive role in managing your medications and the medications of those in your care. And unlike other drug references, the CDR relies solely on medical experts for its facts, not drug manufacturers’ package inserts.

Encyclopedia of Health & Aging
The Encyclopedia of Health and Aging presents state-of-the-art research and ready-to-use facts on health and aging. This one-volume resource captures some of the excitement of the research in the field in terms of new findings as well as conceptual developments guiding research, practice, and policy. With more than 200 entries, it covers the biological, psychological, social, and economic aspects of health and aging and impacts within the health-care system. This Encyclopedia also focuses heavily on geriatrics with respect to geriatric syndromes and common diseases of aging. Key FeaturesAddresses a full spectrum of topics, including acute illness, Alzheimer's disease, bereavement, economic dependency, health-care costs, health promotion, hospice care, long-term care, medications, nursing homes, optimal aging, public policy, quality of life, spousal care-giving, widowhood, and much more

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