Mar 10, 2008

new picture books, 3.10.08

A Kitten Tale, Eric Rohmann
As four kittens who have never seen winter watch the seasons pass, three of them declare the reasons they will dislike snow when it arrives, while the fourth cannot wait to experience it for himself.

Leaves, David Ezra Stein
Its a young bears first autumn, and the falling leaves surprise him. He tries to put them back on the trees, but it doesnt work. Eventually, he gets sleepy, and burrows into the fallen leaves for a long nap. When he wakes up, its springand there are suddenly brand-new leaves all around, welcoming him.

Blue Goose, Nancy Tafuri
When Farmer Gray goes away for the day, Blue Goose, Red Hen, Yellow Chick, and White Duck get together and paint their black and white farm.

How Big Is The World? Britta Teckentrup
Little Mole has an enormous question: How big is the world? He knows there’s only one way to find out: leave the molehill and see for himself. And so Little Mole circles the globe, from the frozen north to the vast desert, the tall cities to the huge mountains, the great jungles to the thick forests. Everywhere he goes he meets fascinating animals and discovers new lands. But in the end, as with all little ones, he realizes that no matter how big the world is, there’s no place like home.

Bunny Fun, Sarah Weeks
A lively young rabbit finds many ways to have fun--and cause havoc--on a rainy day.

Ms. McCaw Learns to Draw, Kaethe Zemach-Bersin
Dudley Ellington struggles to learn anything at school, but when his very patient teacher, Mrs. McGraw, is unable to draw a face on the board, he helps her figure out how to do it.

The Princess and her Pony, Shirley-Raye Redmond
Even though all the princesses say that Princess Shy and her pony, Star, are too small for the royal race, they are able to prove that the best things do come in small packages.

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