Aug 13, 2013

Thank you!

On behalf of the Seabrook Library, I would like to thank those who made our summer reading program a success.  Since I am the sole children’s librarian, it is only the generosity of all of these people and companies that has made a reality out of my plans.  

Thank you to the many companies or organizations made donations:  Seabrook Station, our most faithful and generous supporter, sponsored our Critters ‘n Creatures program.  Bob’s Discount Furniture has assisted us financially for several years now.  Topsfield Fair provided prizes and a Growums project, as they have for the past several years.  Polar Caves and Ruggles Mine provided free passes for prizes for our readers. 
The individuals who graciously offered to help or donate items, either in advance or on the spot, include Beth Paiva, Gina McGinness, Mikki Phillips, Debbie Simonelli, Catherine Evans, Anna Evans and Bobby Evans, Beth Eckman-White, Nancy Gagne, Marcee Souther, Dyan Kaplan, Barbara Otterson and I know there were more.  Thank you.

To the 111 children who signed up—you make this the best job ever!  To the parents of the 111 children—your dedication to your children’s literacy and community involvement will come back to reward not only you but the whole community as well.  Thank you.

Thank you all; I appreciate your help more than I can say.
Lisa Michaud, Children’s Librarian.

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