Feb 17, 2011

Story Times End, February Vacation Week Begins!

This is the last week of story times for this session. There will be a two week break before we start up again. Watch for notices here, posters in the library, notes on our Facebook page, and hopefully notice in the newspaper.

February Vacation Week Activities for Kids:
If you want to use one of our museum passes for this week, call and reserve it now!

Monday--We are closed for President's Day.

Tuesday--3-5pm: Movie Time. Not watch a movie, MAKE a movie! You can use our puppets and puppet theater, your actor friends, or just yourself to tell a story. I will be recording your creative masterpieces so that you can watch them later.

Wednesday--3:30-4:30pm: Lego Builders. Build something presidential! Ok, Secret Service and military stuff counts too :) You'll have 50 minutes to build, then 10 minutes to tell everyone about it and get your picture taken.

Thursday--11-12: Tropical Thursday! For this morning hour, we'll be making leis, decorating sun visors, drinking pineapple juice and snacking on goldfish...crackers :)

3-4pm: Indoor Tide Pool! Seacoast Science Center is going to bring a bunch of their little marine friends to visit us. Learn about, and then TOUCH urchins, crabs, sea stars and more.

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