Nov 18, 2010

GSF Book Review--My Life in Pink and Green

Name of reviewer: Adele
Age: 9

Overall Rating: 9

Brief Description: Lucy's family pharmacy is running out of money. She's in a group called "Earth Club", and she finds a Going Green grant in her town. She starts a Relaxation Room, and decides to have an eco-spa for the grant.

Would you be friends with the main character? Yes

Why or Why Not: Lucy is very creative like me. I could probably help her if I went to the pharmacy.

Favorite character: Lucy

Least Favorite character: Erica

Would you recommend this book to a friend: Yes

Why or why not: It was a really great book. I liked it a lot.

One word descriptions: Interesting, exciting.

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Margaret-Rose Principato said...

The reviewer did an excellent job describing this book. I would love to read it!!