Apr 21, 2010

Things To Do!

Thursday, April 22nd at 3:30--Earth Day Party! Let's celebrate mud, mud puddles, trees, dandelions, animals, beaches, waves...oh, everything, I guess! Happy Earth Day :) We're going to have coloring sheets and idea booklets, worm-and-dirt treats and we're going to watch "Fern Gully". You're invited!

Wondering what to do during April Vacation Week?

Monday, April 26th 1-5pm—Craft Buffet
No patterns, no rules, no particular thing you're supposed to end up. Craft supplies will be out on the table and your imagination is the only guide. Be creative, be messy, have fun!

Tuesday, April 27th 1-3pm: Wii For All!
Yup, just what it sounds like! We have lots of Wii games, four controllers and wheels and a big screen to watch everyone else play. Come out and play :) Oh yes, snacks are included.

Thursday, April 29th 6pm: Movie Time: Wallace and Gromit and the Curse of the Were-Rabbit!
Laugh yourself silly with Wallace and Gromit--the best claymation creatures to hit the big screen! Free popcorn.

Friday, April 30th 1-5pm: Arbor Day Celebration
Be a treehugger, at least for one day! Ok, if that doesn't sound like fun, how about pounding leaves with a mallet? We're going to make leaf prints! Bring your own WHITE t-shirt if you want, or you can use the material we have here--make pretty and unique leaf prints on fabric you can use for whatever you want. Oh yes, and we're having leaf cookies too :)

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