Mar 2, 2010

Story Times!

Story Times will begin March 16th at the Seabrook Library and will continue through April. The following sessions are scheduled:

Tuesday, 10:30am. 1-2 year olds, Toddlers Story Time.
Wednesday, 3:00pm. 4-6 year olds, Runners Story Time.
Thursday, 11:00am. 2-3 year olds, Walkers with Parents Story Time.
Thursday, 2:00pm. 2-4 year olds, Walkers Story Time.
Friday, 11:00am. 3-4 year olds, Independent Walkers Story Time.

Each Story Time is different:
The Toddlers group will have mostly songs and fingerplays or rhymes, with a very simple book, maybe two. Then the little ones will play while the grown-ups have coffee and tea and a little time to socialize.
The Walkers with Parents Story Time is slightly more advanced, with some songs and fingerplays, but we’ll also introduce picture books and ask a few simple questions. Instead of play time, this group will make a small craft at the end.
Please note a new Story Time has been added! The afternoon Walkers session will accommodate a slightly wider age range and follow the same format as the Walkers with Parents Story Time.
Independent Walkers will follow the same format, but they will come in on their own while their parents have a chance to select their own library materials. The Runners group will have a couple songs or fingerplays, but most of the time will be spent reading and talking about the stories while their parents have a chance to select their own materials. They will also have a craft at the end.

There will be a different theme each week, from favorites to Earth Day, etc. Our space is limited, so please call to sign up—these limits exist not only because of space but also so that each child will have the best Story Time experience possible.
Please note that a Story Time has been added due to heavily increased attendance—please respect this effort by signing up for a Story Time and attending that Story Time consistently.

Call 474-2044 and ask for Lisa to sign up. You can also e-mail

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