Jan 8, 2010

This Week for Kids

This week is a little busier than last!

Monday at 4:00--Paws 4 Reading (Aspen). Please note that this is half an hour later than usual. That means Aspen will be here a little later too--if you haven't been able to visit our Reading Therapy dog because it's been too early, here's your chance. Call or email to sign up.

Wednesday at 3:30--Lego Builders Association. I have bowed to popular demand and the theme for this month is "Free For All"! Come build your coolest thing ever, whatever it may be! For the last ten minutes, you'll get to tell everyone about it and get your picture taken for the library's website. Just so you know, a kind man came in and donated some new Legos...

Thursday 1-5pm--Drop In Craft. This one's a surprise! You'll have to come in to find out what kind of messy fun we're up to this month. You'll have something cool to take home.

Friday at 3:30--Paws 4 Reading (Misty). If you haven't met our new German Shepherd Reading Therapy dog, come on in! There's still plenty of room available, so call or email to sign up.

*The Library is closed Monday the 18th and story times begin Tuesday the 19th. If you haven't signed up yet, please do!

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