Dec 9, 2009

Introducing The Listening Pond!

Welcome to The Listening Pond! We have created a new way to use audiobooks since many of them are on cassette and cassette players are not very common any more. Our player plays CDs and tapes! Not only that, it has a 6-way splitter--up to six children at a time can sit and listen to a book. They can each control their own volume, but they' ll have to share the book to see the pictures :) The rack of books with tapes or CDs is not the only listening option: over by the holiday books is a section of audiobooks which can also be played any time. Or, if you're not feeling wordy, the music CDs are right above the audiobooks and you can relax with Trout Fishing in America or some Christmas music.

It's very easy to use. First, find a librarian (usually Lisa is the closest!) and ask for the power cord. Once it's plugged in, put in your tape or CD, pull up a caterpillar and make yourself comfortable! Please put the CD or tape back in the bag with its book and hang it back on the rack. The Listening Pond is open any time the library is open, so come check it out!

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