Aug 28, 2009

New Kids Music and Audiobooks

Tired of the abuse that he's suffered because of bully Bubba Bixby, fifth-grader Nolan Byrd allows his inner super hero to emerge, inspired by a class project. Shredderman is born, and Nolan springs into action, armed with a computer, a cleverly concealed digital camera, and his own top-secret Web page:

The ants go marching, 1-2 buckle my shoe, bingo, farmer in the dell, hokey pokey and more...

Finally available on audio, all five Olivia titles in one collection, gloriously read by Dame Edna Everage. Olivia,Olivia...and the Missing Toy,Olivia Forms a Band,Olivia Saves the Circus,Olivia Helps with Christmas. Share in the antics and adventures of Olivia, everyone's favorite hyperactive piglet, as she spins tall tales about lion taming and tightrope walking, plays amateur detective, starts her own one-pig band, saves Santa from being cooked in the fireplace, and creates more than her fair share of havoc that will amuse and delight listeners of all ages.

"Alphabutt" follows up the highly successful soundtrack, "Juno", which featured many of Dawson's songs. A collection of children's songs written by Dawson along with her musical friends and their children. Hailed by the likes of Rolling Stone, NPR, Blender, and Pitchfork as a seriously talented wordsmith, Dawson successfully leads a group of children in this sunny and energetic batch of tunes with plenty of fun in the form of snapping fingers, clapping hands, and stamping feet. Tender and vulnerable; silly and raw.

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