Jul 3, 2009

This Week for Kids!

Another busy week!
Monday at noon: Picnic and Puppets! Carol and Crew will join us for an indoor picnic. Bring your blanket and your lunch, we'll bring the puppet show and lemonade: no rain, sunburn or bugs allowed.
Monday at 6:00: Community Read-a-Long Wii Bowling Tournament--make a team, come sign up and play!
Tuesday at 11:00: Story Time. This is an all ages drop-in story time. Weather permitting, we'll do sidewalk chalk art afterwards.
Tuesday 1-5pm: Drop In Craft! Bring a pair of plain flip-flops in to decorate--we'll have ribbons, jewels, buttons, glitter glue, and more...
Wednesday at 3:00: Community Read-a-Long Zathura Game Afternoon! Come play the Zathura board game with your friends and family.
Wednesday at 6:00: Family Movie Night! The movie tonight is Horton Hears a Who. Free popcorn included.
Thursday at 6:00: Spooky Campfire Stories! Come meet local storyteller Gail Drucker by a "campfire" with s'mores for thrills and chills! (The fire is fake, the s'mores are real!).
Friday at 11:00: Story Time! This is an all ages drop in story time. We're going to read stories about cooking and our craft will be edible... :)

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