Mar 16, 2009

New graphic novel

They took his family, they took his face, and they took his soul. Now, the Skull Man is going to take his revenge. Resurrected from the land of the dead, the Skull Man is hunting down the men responsible for destroying his life and anyone who stands in his way. In an unjust world, the Skull Man will use any means necessary to get the vengeance he seeks! Locked between the lethal but gorgeous assassin Maria and the mutant Spider Man, the Skull Man digs into the conspiracy that gave birth to his powers and those of his partner Garo. Haunted by his past, he will not let them stand in the way of his revenge.

Trouble seems to follow aspiring detective Jasmine Callihan. Or maybe it's that Jas (who apparently never learned what Curiosity did to the Cat) follows trouble.
All Jas wants to do today is hang out with her pals (and her superfantastico boyfriend, but, shh, don't tell the Thwarter, aka her dad, who's trying to keep her under permanent lockdown). Simple. Straightforward. But catastrophe is lurking. First Jas stumbles upon a schoolmate's lost purse. Then there's the jewelry store heist, the wrongly accused man, the clueless cops, the seven words that destroy her relationship, and . . . well, before she knows it, Jas has got a lot more than brunch on her plate.
Now it's up to her and her mega-cool crew, Roxy, Polly, and Tom, to catch the thief. It won't be easy—not with Jas's cousin Alyson and her Evil Hench Twin Veronique tagging along for the ride and having to elude the Thwarter with his All-Seeing Eye. Oh, and her heart breaking into a million tiny pieces.
Trying to right wrongs and have brunch with a hot guy shouldn't be this taxing, should it?

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