Jan 26, 2009

New anime

Phoenix - Volumes 1 &2

Throughout time mankind has chased after the dream of immortality. The Phoenix in the form of a bird of fire is said to hold the key to eternal life. Great warriors greedy princesses ambitious scientists and ordinary people desire its power. Great wars are fought in a vain attempt to possess it and as a result civilizations rise and fall. PHOENIX is a collection of five stories from the past present and future. Many will perish because of their desires and they are the lucky ones.

Avatar The Last Airbender Book 2 -Earth Volumes 1,2,3, & 4.

Now a master Waterbender, Aang leaves the Northern Water Tribe to continue his quest to master the next element, Earth. Along with Katara and Sokka, they visit new Earth Nation cities, encounter a slew of differnt Earth Kingdom citizens, and even reunite with a crazy old king. Benders have incredible powers to manipulate the elements around them. Only one can control all four elements. That person is the Avatar.

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