Dec 29, 2008

New Kids' Nonfiction

Wyatt Earp, who was by turns a cowboy, a railroad worker, a deputy marshal, and a deputy sheriff, was a proud and courageous man. A part of the famouse 1881 gunfight at the O.K. Corral and a lawmaker of his own, he lived far longer than many of his opponents; dying in California in 1929. Movies have turned him into a western legend--find the truth behind the legends in this book. Background information on Wyatt, his family and their companions are included, along with a timeline of important dates.-
Imagine that you're walking on the moon.
What is it like? For thousands of years people looked up at the moon and wondered about it. Now we know what the moon is like. There is no air on the moon and nothing grows, but there are towering mountains and deep craters--and much more!
Colder than the desert, the hotter than the desert, the moon is an amazing place to explore.

Bobbi and Bob Cat are the best of friends. When their hometown of New Orleans was struck by Hurricane Katrina, many lost everything. But not Bobbi and Bob Cat—they still had each other. Only by staying together could they survive. This is the story of their remarkable friendship.

This revised and expanded edition of AMC's popular seashore guide helps kids discover nature along the Atlantic coast through detailed illustrations, "fascinating fact" hunts through each chapter, and a special section for coloring.

Being a monster isn't all frightening villagers and sucking blood. Monsters have their trials, too. Poor Frankenstein's cupboard is bare, Wolfman is in need of some household help, and it's best not to get started on Dracula's hygiene issues. What could be scarier?
Nineteen hilarious poems delve into the secret lives of the Creature from the Black Lagoon, Bigfoot, Godzilla, and others.

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