Nov 3, 2008

New Kids' Picture Books

When Bear sits down to read in peace, he is surprised by Goose, who loudly interrupts. So Bear tries writing, which Goose also interrupts. Goose wants to join in whatever activity poor Bear is attempting to do by himself. The surprise is Goose's reason and Bear's response--everyone does indeed need a splendid friend.

Molly talks about her dad constantly. But what she doesn’t tell her classmates is that all she really knows about her dad is what he looks like in photographs. When Molly finally meets her father for the first time, she’s disappointed that he’s nothing like the tall tales she invented. What will her classmates say when she brings him for show-and-tell? But Molly’s dad has some tricks up his sleeve, and he turns out to be better than an astronaut or an artist. He’s an amazing storyteller—just like Molly.

Jake is an expert at doing things with his best thumb. He can walk the dog, watch TV, even ride his bike. Jake and his thumb are happy together until kindergarten begins and the class bully teases Jake, calling him "thumb sucker." Jake doesn't want to give up his habit, but with some help from a new classmate and the realization that everyone-even bullies-sometimes need a little extra help to feel brave, Jake might finally be ready to try.

If Jesus came to your house, would he be your age and height? How would you treat him? Would you give him your nicest toys and let him have the longest turn on your rocking horse?
In this simple, touching story, a young boy realizes that he can treat others according to the lessons he would learn if Jesus really did come to his house.

Rufus doesn't like school at first. He loves being a wolf and doing wolf stuff -- like running through the woods or howling at the moon. But Rufus, like all wolves, must go to school to learn real wolf work, like wearing clever disguises and speaking sheep.
While Rufus learns, he also teaches: Sometimes ou have to cut loose and learn to be yourself!

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