May 26, 2008

new video games, 5.26.08

We've gotten some more video games! We still have a very small collection, but welcome donations of E, E10+, and T video games for all platforms.

Avatar the Last Airbender: The Burning Earth [game for Wii]
Brain Age 2 [game for Nintendo DS]
Burnout Paradise [game for Xbox 360]
Drawn to life [game for Nintendo DS]
Heavenly Sword [game for Playstation 3]
The legend of Zelda : Phantom Hourglass [game for Nintendo DS]
Madden NFL 08 [game for Xbox 360]
Naruto : Path of the Ninja [game for Nintendo DS]
Naruto : Rise of a Ninja [game for Xbox 360]
Orcs & Elves [game for Nintendo DS]
Pokemon Diamond [game for Nintendo DS]
Rayman 2 : Revolution [game for Playstation 2]

Shadow of the Colossus [game for Playstation 2]
The Simpsons Game [game for Xbox 360]
The Simpsons Road Rage [game for Playstation 2]
Skate [game for Xbox 360]
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground [game for Wii]
Uncharted : Drake's Fortune game for Playstation 3]
Lego Star Wars [game for Playstation 2]

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