Nov 11, 2007

Black Swan Green, David Mitchell

This is one of my favorites of 2007, for sure. It is probably one of my top favorite books of the last few years as well (one of these days I might narrow that down to something more specific, but I do tend to have a wishy washy sense of favorites).

What makes Black Swan Green so wonderful, so enjoyable, is the richness of the language, the literary quality of the writing. The moment I was done reading, I wanted to start over again with pencil and post-its to copy down some of the many many many wonderful passages. If you enjoy language for itself, and enjoy brilliant use of language, you will also love this book.

The plot is highly appealing as well - boy growing up in somewhat rural England, being a boy that is a very particular, thoughtful type of boy. He's struggling with a stutter, which he personifies and names "hangman". He's got names for other aspects of his personality as well, in that sort of way in which we all recognize when the best and worst parts of ourselves show their faces but can't really do much about it anyway.

I could go on, I really could - but it would be much much more fun to talk it over with someone who has also read it. I'd say this is the kind of book thoughtful teens and adults alike will enjoy together.

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