Oct 2, 2007

The Rules for Hearts, Sara Ryan

This is the looooooooooong anticipated sequel to Empress of the World, also by Sara Ryan. But in reality, this is a solid book in its own right and I think it is probably more enjoyable to just think of it like that, instead of as a sequel.

Here we follow Battle to Seattle, where she is about to start college, away from her parents and to her black sheep of a brother, to live in a crazy house with some fun and crazy people (reminded me a wee bit of Broken for You, but just a wee bit).

A quick read, a sweet read, and an emotional one for anyone who has had a sibling who is maybe not so . . . ermmm . . . well, normal. I mean, Battle isn't the most "normal" person herself, either, but she's got it together in comparison to her older brother. And it's hard when your older sibling needs as much help as Battle's brother needs. Very hard.

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Whatsesname said...

how is Nicola related to the story line? or not so much?