Mar 30, 2006

Perfect By Natasha Friend

This is a really good book about a girl with an eating disorder. It tells you that not all people with eating disorders do it to be skinny. In this case, the girl has bulimia. With her, she shoves bad feelings down with food, then releases it by purging. Isabelle (the main character) has a younger sister who found her purging one day and told her mom. Her mom made her go to "group" therapy. Where she found out the most popular girl in school go to therapy for the same problem.

I really liked this book because it was so nicely written. It was written like she was talking to you. It is one of those books where you read the first page, and can not put it down.
Two thumbs up


Anonymous said...

i really like this book1 i am reading for school in my discussion group and it really gives us something to talk about. The only thing that i dislike is the lack of a substantial ending.

Anonymous said...

this is an amazing book.. i have read this over 5 times and my little sister read it at least 3. i really enjoyed this book. its s book teenagers should read because girls who make there self throw up should know what they are getting thier self into.

Anonymous said...

i LOVED this book it shines light on things that arnt spoken of awhole lot iv read this book over a dozen times and its hard to put down i encurage young peoplr to read this.!!!!